Your Goals in 2018

Your Goals in 2018
David Oluleye

We are now close to the middle of 2018, are you getting your desired results for the year or it’s beginning to look like the past years? Before we move to the second part of the year, it’s important to review our goals and/or set new goals, if needed.

Why should you set goals?

Past events cannot be controlled but you still have an influence on the present and future. The goals you set and the decisions you take today will influence your future. Today’s decisions and actions are the seeds of future results; it all starts with goal setting.

A goal is a picture of tomorrow. If you want to be in a particular place in the future, you will necessarily picture it now and work towards it. The absence of goals portends great risk and preparation for an undesirable future. In other words, failure to plan for the future now awakens one in 1, 3 or 10 years’ time to being in a place where one does not want to be. Thus, goal setting helps to conceive how the future will look like. The clearer and well-articulated your goals are, the better. And frankly, there are no limits to what you can achieve, as long as you have the determination, discipline and focus to work towards it.

There is an advantage in working towards one’s goals; it activates different experiences of life that develops (matures) one. As one strives to achieve the planned goals, the more one becomes better through personal development. The challenges and obstacles faced help in developing those positive desirable characters. Characters such as resilience, discipline, the proclivity for lifelong learning and good habits are improved as goals are pursued.

Ironically, boredom is not the lack of activity, but the lack of direction. Many people lack the inspiration to do more when they have accomplished a feat in their personal, work or business life. However, with well-constructed goals, you will never lack direction. Goals remind one why one is doing what is being done. In addition, accomplished goals build self-confidence to accomplish more from the list of goals.

Start today, carve out goals, plan and pursue your goals, and you will be amazed at the peace of mind, reduced stress and freedom you will experience. Formalise your goals in writing, make them realistic, and put time targets to them. Goals can include personal, family, things you want, skills you want, exams to pass, money to save, places to go, short-term or long-term goals.

Here is a quick challenge – think about where you, your career or business will be in June 2019 or in 10 years? If you continue as you are, will you get to where you desire to be? Do you have goals are what will make you fulfilled? Have you made plans or you’re waiting for others to plan for you? The good news is that it’s never too late to start. Start today!

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