Some heart-warming feedbacks we’ve received

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    “Toluwani is an accomplished tutor and always shows a genuine commitment to explaining all the course material in an easily digestible, interesting fashion. She makes every effort to persuade even the most reluctant students to participate in class. Her enthusiasm is palpable and she communicates with style and panache, drawing on her life experience where possible. She goes the extra mile to accommodate weaker students and stimulate the interest of the stronger ones. Every student is encouraged to contact her even “out of office” hours.

    She is technology savvy, people focused and continuously demonstrates her passion for education and learning. She is quite a role model and I would be happy to recommend her to future students or indeed attend further courses under her stewardship.”

    StephanieOffice Support Staff
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    “Having completed my Training and Delivery Evaluation Level 6 with Toluwani Akaehomen, I would say that Toluwani’s delivery style is very professional – clear, dynamic and extremely interactive. I gained the ability to deliver training in front of an audience with confidence. Toluwani’s training gave me the encouragement to express myself comfortably in front of a crowd. Toluwani was available at the end of a phone or by email to answer any queries I had during the course.

    I would highly recommend Toluwani to anyone who wishes to undertake a qualification in a number of training courses delivered by her”.

    Des CooneyTús Supervisor for community-based schemes and GAA senior club manager
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    I completed my Leadership Skills Level 6 with Toluwanni. I very much enjoyed the course – it was interesting and a very good learning experience, led by a motivational tutor in a short space of time. Every learner had a unique learning experience with moments of high emotions. Toluwani was very patient, efficient and extraordinarily supportive towards every learner. I have done many courses over the past number of years and I can honestly say that this course was the best example of professional development I have ever experienced; A very high level of professionalism demonstrated by Toluwani. I would highly recommend this lady for all your learning experiences.

    Caroline WalshLocal Training Initiative Coordinator


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