Stop and Think!

Stop and Think!
Toluwani Akaehomen

It’s now become something of a fad to go on course after course, based on the illusion that the number of courses we enroll on and do is directly proportional to our performance and productivity. Wrong! It’s time to stop and do some critical thinking.

Before you sign up for another course, ask yourself these questions –

  1. What is my motivation for going on this course? Why do I want to do this course?
  2. Is it in line with my personal/career goals?
  3. Is there a gap in my skill-set, behavior and/or attitude, which is currently hindering my performance or which will hinder my future performance?
  4. What exactly do I need to know and how will this course help to address it?
  5. What will I be able to do after I have completed the programme (which I couldn’t do previously)?
  6. Is it applicable/practicable/relevant to my life and/or work?
  7. What value will it add to me and what reward/benefit/gain will it bring to me when it is completed?
  8. What value will it enable/equip me to add to others?
  9. What is the identified need within my life and/or work context, which necessitates doing this course?
  10. Is successful completion of the course likely to change/enhance the way I see myself/or feel about myself?

So…before you sign up for the next course, stop! and do some critical thinking.

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