Our team of experienced leadership and people development consultants have expertise in using our Conscious Leadership Model to help organisations develop and implement goal-oriented and success-driven strategies to enhance individual/team mindset about work, productivity and performance, to unleash their resourcefulness, creativity and talent, and to help them maximise their potentials. Our assessments are data-driven and our recommendations are closely aligned with the strategic direction and objectives of the organisation.

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Our suite of training programmes are based on our Conscious Leadership Model and designed with growth, transformation and accelerated success in mind. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME – is to help individuals focus on driving their own personal growth and transformation and formulating a personal strategy for accelerated success. 

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At Vantage Dymensions, we use coaching as a tool to positively impact individuals and/or teams towards effecting needed change and achieving their goals. Based on the premise and conviction that people are resourceful and creative, we work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that they are supported to transition from where they are to where they should be.

Our co-active, collaborative approach is based on our Conscious Leadership Model, which supports individuals and/or teams to transition courageously across 3 power levels of knowledge, action and identity.

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Often times, low morale, personal agenda, unclear objectives and even differences in personalities get in the way of team productivity and performance, and organisations become stuck on how to get past this stage. Facilitated sessions, among other interventions, provide a pathway to helping teams understand and re-focus on their common objectives, utilise the power of collaboration and explore the value of synergy.

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  • BridWorkshop Facilitator
    I am returning to the workforce after taking time out to raise my children. My self-confidence was low. Through one to one coaching Toluwani helped me to increase my self-confidence and I have just been offered a job I really wanted! Thank you for all your help and support, Toluwani
  • Audrey CollinsOccupational Therapy Manager

    “I recently completed the Leadership course with Toluwani. I really enjoyed and found Toluwani really energetic, enthusiastic, motivating…loved your (her) stories. She brought so much to the course, and I would certainly jump and do any other courses that I saw her name coming up again”

  • Peter McAteeNurse Manager

    “I was one of the participants on the Leadership Level 6 course delivered by Toluwani. I found some of the stuff really interesting, especially around reflection of my own job. I feel that I am sharpening some skills in relation to workload management…some great practical advice and some good fun as well…so, I highly recommend it”

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