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We inspire growth, transformation and accelerated success.

We are a team of Leadership and People Development Consultant. Our expertise is on working with organisations, teams and individuals to develop, maximize & implement high-performance skills, strategies and competencies that enable communication effectiveness, enhanced employee engagement, increased synergy within teams and across departments, gender collaboration, and greater evidence of the benefits of diversity and inclusion.


Vantage Dymensions carries a philosophy. It is about the certainty of enhanced performance when organisations develop, espouse, imbibe and consistently utilise those people-centred perspectives, characteristics, behaviours and actions, which allow them to gain and maintain strategic advantage through employee engagement  .

Our philosophy is that when individuals and teams are supported and empowered to develop and maximise their leadership competencies and acuity, the organisation also benefits maximally.

Our philosophy views leadership and people development strategies and interventions such as training and education, coaching and mentoring, facilitation and team working as means to an end – enhancing Performance, organisational competitiveness and engineering accelerated success.

We also work under the philosophy that women and women leadership are pivotal to the continued relevance and competitiveness of organisations. Hence, we work very closely with organisations to ensure that they maximise the economic, business and social benefits of gender equity and gender collaboration.

Furthermore, we espouse the harnessing of the potentials and synergistic advantage in organisational diversity and inclusion, as it relates to ethnic minorities.


  1. Collaboratively developed training programmes, workshops and facilitated sessions
  2. Strategy development and implementation support for women leadership
  3. Strategy development and implementation to maximise the value of ethnic diversity
  4. Training Programmes – Leadership Development Programme for Women
  5. Accredited Continuous Professional Development Programme for your staff
  6. Seminars and workshops – Based on our Conscious leadership Model & Our Change Navigation Programme
  7. Strength-based Coaching – including leadership, team, group and individual coaching
  8. Facilitation
  9. Consultancy

Our values are simple and


  1. Dynamism and Continuous improvement
  2. Integrity & Strong work ethics
  3. Respect
  4. Excellence
  5. Collaboration
  6. Teamwork


We provide expert advice, support and facilitation to raise high-performing, highly motivated, equipped and empowered leaders within your organisation.

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We design, develop, and deliver training and learning solutions built around your core values and strategic objectives based on our Conscious Leadership Model

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Using our Conscious Leadership Model, we collaborate with individuals and teams/groups to discover, develop, deploy and maximise their inherent capabilities and capacities.

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Let’s achieve something awesome together!

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